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Highly Vetted. Personally Selected. Industry Leaders 

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Do Better. Go Further. Together!

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World Class Speakers

The most notable leaders in the hospitality industry and beyond will join us monthly for moderated lectures on specific ways to succeed. Gain everything you need to excel, move forward and achieve more from those who are doing it with you. 


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Targeted Workshops 

Take your understanding a step further as we work through specific problems, situations and opportunities based on our presenters focused information. These monthly workshops lay the foundation to share knowledge, solve problems and reach higher levels of success together. 

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A Network Like No Other

The Directors Club is an exclusive community of Industry Leaders with the sole purpose to educate, communicate and illustrate the continued path to success in the Racquets and Hospitality Industry. 

Presentation Schedule

03/04/2024 / @7:00PM EST. - "A Deeper Dive into Compensation."

Speakers -Patricio Misitrano, Brett Emerson, Mark Parsons

There is no question that there are many different levels of success throughout the racquets industry. A true leader must inspire, educate, and look to the future. A leader must think outside the box, take risks and build the future as they see it. The greatest leaders are entrepreneurs. They grow their business, acquire new skills, grow their communities and then utilize all the tools in their tool belts to expand into other areas. However, it is the greatest entrepreneurs that can then connect all their business to flow as one. We will learn how to grow, build, and look to the future with two of the very best in the racquets industry! 

03/25/2024 / @7:00PM EST. - "A Night with Rob and Mike Barnes, CEO Selkirk and Admiral Brian McCarthy, SC, USN (Ret)"

Speakers -Admiral Brian McCarthy, Mike Barnes, Rob Barnes

We are thrilled to welcome the co - CEO's of Selkirk, brothers, Mike and Rob Barnes. These exceptional leaders have an incredible story of entrepreneurship that started long before Selkirk but ultimately lead to a global brand and hundreds of employees. Get ready to be inspired!

Admiral Brian McCarthy is a combat veteran having served in the US Navy from Vietnam through Desert Storm. He held five commands during his career and as a flag officer. He served as the Assistant Deputy Director, of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Commander of DLA's Contingency Support Teams and the Navy & Marine Corps Expeditionary Fuel Operations. He was a Principal Logistics Planner for Desert Storm on the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations. Admiral McCarthy was personally decorated ten times and retired with 30 years of service. We are humbled to have him join us to talk about leadership and what it takes to inspire results that hold incredible consequences. 

04/22/2024 / @7:00PM EST. - The Pathway to Success 

Speakers - Tom Wallace, Len Simard

It doesn't matter who you are, how much success you have had or even how much success is in your future, you will all undoubtably cross paths with KKW in your career. Join us as we explore the many pathways to success with the global leaders in search and consulting, Tom Wallace and Len Simard.  This is a must see discussion and more importantly a must have connection for everyone!

"A challenge is an open door. The obstacle is finding a way to walk through. This is your open door!"

Jarrett Chirico, Founder

Dan Santorum, CEO PTR

"The Directors' Club is a place for anyone who wants to reach the top. If you want to do better, go further, you will learn the lessons here and more importantly meet the people who will help you." 

Nick Bollettieri, Founder IMG Academy

"The Directors' Club is the Nick Bolletteiri Tennis Academy for the hospitality industry. It provides the much needed platform for leaders to help each other succeed together!"

Collin Johns, World #1 PPA Tour

"This is exactly what the racquets industry needed and so much more. The lessons, speakers and workshops are life changing. You will be amazed at who you will become and how much you will achieve. "
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