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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I join The Directors' Club?

The Director's Club is an educational platform. A community where leaders learn together. The sole focus is to help professionals do better, go further and achieve greater levels of success. It is your monthly master class, your continuing education, your network. The height of your success will depend on the relationships you make and the opportunities that arise because of them. The Directors' Club provides the community for like-minded leaders to further their careers through relationships made here.

Is this exclusive to Directors?

The short answer is NO. The Directors' Club is for all leaders (or future) leaders in the hospitality industry. It is designed for all staff members to improve together and spark further conversations. Additionally, it is a place for General Managers to further their understanding of the racquets industry, share their views and make connections that just might change the culture and success of their clubs. The most success comes from clubs that join together and professionals that push each other to step out of their comfort zone. A challenge is an open door, the obstacle is finding a way to walk through. The Directors' Club is your open door!

A league of our own!

The nuance of The Directors" Club is the service it provides and the network it creates. It is not about choosing between executive classes, certifications or other avenues of information. It is the foundation for all other educational tools as it is the platform to learn about what is out there and how it can specifically help you and your club. 

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